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101 Songwriting Wrongs

& How to Right Them


A revised and expanded update on our best-selling, 88 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Right Them, this book takes you on the songwriter's journey from the first inspiration for a song to the collection of worldwide royalties. We point out the stumbling blocks you'll encounter along the way and how to turn them into stepping stones to songwriting success. In 101 fun and easy-to-read chapters, you'll find tips on:

  • building solid, marketable structures
  • creating the perfect lyrics accompanied by moving melodies
  • forming productive and profitable collaboration ventures
  • producing effective demos that you can pitch
  • tracking your royalty collections

We get feedback from songwriters all the time about how helpful our book is. It's packed with lots of detailed information on songwriting. We've just updated it to include new developments in the music business and technology.

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About 101 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Right Them

Many of the chapter titles are word-plays on song titles. "I Did It Their Way," is sub-titled "Don't write to impress or please others, write from your own passion," and "To Sing the Unsingable Word" warns "Beware of tongue-twisting word combinations and hard consonants on long notes." Music business topics are covered, too, in chapters such as "No Sir, That's My Baby," advising "Don't be reluctant to let go of a song because you're saving it for your artist deal " and "Pennies from Heaven," instructing "Don't think your royalties will automatically come to you." More of the chapter headings are listed in What Songwriters Need to Know.

Each chapter gives a specific example of the "wrong" and specific information on how to make it right. Many of the chapters give examples of songs brought to our songwriting workshops. We have been teaching for thirty years and we've seen these same mistakes being made by songwriters all over the country.