Collaboration Agreement

Here's the collaboration agreement we use. It's good to have a conversation with potential new collaborators to see if they have a basic understanding of the legal aspects of collaboration. We don't sign the agreement until after the song is written, just as a part of taking care of the paperwork. The best rule for collaborating is that the song is equally divided by the number of collaborators. Trying to figure out who did what and feeling like one deserves more than the other is death to the song and the collaboration relationship. If you agreed to it, you wrote it. We keep trying new things until everyone is happy.


This agreement is entered into regarding a jointly written a song entitled “________________” We, the undersigned, agree to collaborate in writing the aforementioned song with the following understandings:

1) We agree that the song is owned in equal shares of words and music by each of us and we agree to divide equally any and all songwriter’s royalties we may receive from the sale or promotion of this song.

2) We agree that __________________________________ is responsible for paying the expense of producing a demo of this song.

3) We agree that the publishing rights in this song are equally divided among the writers.

4) We agree that any expenses incurred by each writer’s publishing company in the promotion of this song are the sole responsibility of that publisher.

5) We agree that this collaboration has no effect on any collaborative efforts on other songs.

6) We agree that no changes may be made in the lyric and melody without the unanimous consent of the writers, except in the case of an imminent commercial recording where time does not allow for consultation among the writers.

7) We agree to keep each other advised of any change of address, email address or phone number, so that we can contact each other to transact any business necessary for this song. If communication sent by registered mail to a last known address is returned undeliverable, the rest of the parties can act without the knowledge or consent of the missing party/ies. Any moneys that come due to the missing party will be held in an escrow account in their name. Seven years after a party is missing, his or her moneys will be equally divided among those who are still in contact.

8) We agree that if a dispute should arise over this agreement, we will submit it to arbitration by a lawyer of unanimous choice or by the American Arbitration Association.

9) We agree in the event of the death of one or any of the parties to this Agreement, all rights and percentages of the deceased of the composition stipulated in this Agreement shall pass to the heirs as designated in the will of the deceased. In the absence of a will, all rights of the deceased shall pass to the nearest next of kin of the deceased.

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Write On,

Pat & Pete Luboff