We are songwriters, music publishers and songwriting educators. For many years we were music business photojournalists and arts administrators. In 40 years of working as a team, we have built a broad base of knowledge of the music business with particular emphasis in all aspects of songwriting and have developed extensive contacts with hundreds of songwriters, producers, music publishers and record label executives.

As songwriters, we have had success with "Trust Me," the first single on Snoop Dogg's "Topp Dogg" album, "I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much," a No. 2 chart recording by Bobby Womack, "Body Language" cut by Patti LaBelle (gold album) and the featured song in the John Travolta movie, "The Experts," "The Son My Daddy Never Had," a charting Country single with Miko Marks, and recordings by Michael Peterson, Glenn Jones, among others.

We have been teaching songwriting workshops since 1979 and currently conduct workshops in Nashville.  We also travel to teach workshops.  Recent cities we’ve done workshops in are New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Seattle, Indianapolis and Denver.  Click here to find out more about hosting a Luboff workshop in your town.  And here to read what songwriters have said about us.

For almost 20 years, Pete conducted the Monday night workshops at the National Academy of Songwriters. Pete also taught advanced songwriting at UCLA for 13 years.  We’ve both taught workshops at the Taxi Road Rally and screened extensively for Taxi.  We also have judged for various songwriting contests, including the Just Plain Folks, John Lennon, and Great American Song contests.

Using lessons learned from songwriters around the country, we wrote 101 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Right Them (formerly 88 Songwriting Wrongs…), published by Writer's Digest Books, which has sold over 40,000 copies. We also wrote 12 Steps to Building Better Songs, which we self-publish. We are the recipients of the National Academy of Songwriters "Excellence in Education." Award.

As music business photojournalists, we created the Grammy Pulse magazine for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS is the Grammy organization), the L.A. Record for the Los Angeles Chapter of NARAS, and the newsletter for the California Copyright Conference. We also compiled songwriter tip sheets for the National Academy of Songwriters and the American Song Festival.

We have both served as board members for the National Academy of Songwriters; Pete as vice chairman and Pat as president. Pete was a governor of the Los Angeles Chapter of NARAS for many years, including stints as vice president, secretary and National Trustee. We have also served on the Steering Committee of the Songwriters' Guild Nashville office.

Because we are songwriters and we are constantly in contact with songwriters through our teaching and organizational involvements, we are acutely aware of the needs of songwriters for information, sharing and encouragement. We have also accumulated the knowledge of how to fill those needs by providing the right information and a supportive atmosphere for sharing, and by communicating our conviction that songwriting is an important and necessary activity. The world needs your songs! Write On!

P.S.: We do not publish songs by writers other than ourselves, please don't send us songs to pitch to recording situations. We will be glad to listen to your songs and give you detailed feedback on their strong and weak points through our music business and songwriting consultation service or our workshops.