We’ve taught workshops from coast to coast and from one hour long to two full-time weeks.  You know the needs of your local songwriting group best, so we’ll depend on you to inform us of the length and subject/s of the ideal workshop for your group.  

Please contact us if you’re interested in having us do a workshop in your town. 

Here’s a list of subjects we can teach.  We’ll also create a custom workshop for your group if you don’t see what you need here.


Life's A Pitch And Then You Get Cuts: All You Need To Know About How To Pitch Your Songs

This workshop covers sources for finding contacts, research methods for determining appropriate song casting, submission package guidelines, and lots of inside tips!


Blockbuster Stories

Using Hollywood moviemakers’ tricks for plotting your song.  Learn about storyboarding, character creation, expressing action and emotion through imagery.


Super Song Starters

Learn how to grab the listener’s attention within the first few seconds of your song.  Stop those publishers from turning off your tune!  Includes analysis of intros and first two lines of your songs.


101 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Right Them

How to turn your songwriting stumbling blocks into successful songs.  From our new Writer’s Digest book by the same title.


Collaboration: The Key to Getting Songs Cut

An audience participation workshop in which we gather information from the writers on their collaboration experiences and use them to guide the discussion of the ups and downs and ins and outs of collaborating. Learn why collaboration skills are essential.  How to find collaborators and approach them.  Helpful language to use when collaborating.  What to do when a collaboration goes sour. Business and legal aspects of collaboration will be discussed.


Collaborative Feedback: The Sounding Board

We don’t like to call them song evaluations or song critiques because we approach the songs presented as if we were collaborators with the writer.  We give detailed feedback on every aspect of the song and encourage others to participate in the process.  This takes time, from 10 to 15 minutes per song.  Therefore, we could only do four to six songs in an hour.  If you want to schedule three hours of song feedback, the maximum number of songs we could hear would be, let’s say 20. 


12 Steps to Building Better Songs

 This is an audience participation workshop in which we lead the entire group in a collaboration on a new song.  It’s great fun, a experience in spontaneous creation and “teaches by doing.” We field titles from the writers then talk about what makes a title strong.  We choose a title and we discuss all the many aspects that emanate from the title: story lines, characters, song structures, musical styles.  When we all agree on what the song is about we can begin to write the lyric of the song together.  Then we show how a melody can arise from the lyric and participants collaborate on the beginning of the melody. Collaboration skills and legal aspects are covered.  This is based on the method of leading large group collaborations we have developed in our Los Angeles workshops.  We don’t know of anyone else who is doing this.  Its uniqueness and the way it involves the writers make it a very exciting learning experience for all. This is the process we describe in our book “12 Steps to Building Better Songs.” 


Put Your Songs to the Test: Testing Songs for "Doneness"

Ten tests to see if your song gets your message across clearly.


Fear and Songwriting

Some of the fears songwriters experience and how to overcome them: of not being good enough, of rejection, of songs being stolen, of collaboration, of intentional growth and of success.


Taking Your Songs to the Market

This workshop is about what happens after the song is written.  Topics covered:  What to do before you make a demo; the most important components of good demos; the demo-making process; making contacts and pitching songs; what to do when someone wants to record your song; being your own publisher; and the self-produced songwriter artist.


BEHIND EVERY GREAT SONG: Structure and a Strong Demo

This workshop focuses on song structures.  Using visual aids and the original demos of hit songs, we demonstrate the structures that hold songs together.  Subjects covered include the central importance of the title and how its placement determines the structure of the song, verse/chorus and verse/bridge structures, intros and riffs, and how to build strong song structures.  The original hit demos are also unique to us.  Pete collected them over the years from the songwriters who were guests in his UCLA class.